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Jan Deneke

Qualified Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach Bio Jan started practicing yoga in 1999 and has been teaching since 2007. He has studied over 1,500 hours of yoga and meditation and his classes are based on … Continued

Susan Jolley

Qualified Remedial Masseuse, Natural Beauty Therapist Bio As a qualified remedial masseuse and beauty therapist, Susan aspires to encourage all women to slow down and regain some much needed balance in their busy lives. Susan believes that we can all … Continued

Sandra Cooper

Health and Nutrition Coach Bio As a coach, Sandra teaches people how to get their power back by taking charge of their life, health and happiness. Sandra’s goal is to inspire and help her clients grow so that they can … Continued

Naomi Hutchings

Clinical Sexologist Bio Naomi has been working in the field of human sexuality for almost 15 years and is passionate about the rights of all people to be able to experience the joys of inclusive and positive sexuality. Naomi’s work … Continued

Morgan Webert

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Coach and EFT Practitioner Bio Morgan is passionate about empowering others with heart centered, practical approaches for health and balance. Morgan has worked with thousands of individuals in wellness for over a decade as … Continued

Matthew Fry

OsteoMed Osteopath Bio As an osteopath, Mathew firmly believes in a holistic approach integrating postural, ergonomic, metabolic and general health elements in his assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Matthew places emphasis on helping the patient to understand the factors that contribute … Continued

Kerrin Bradfield

Sexologist, Sexuality & Media Specialist, Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator, Counsellor Bio Kerrin has always been passionate about supporting people to have frank and honest conversations about sexuality. The sexuality education she delivers is packed full of useful knowledge and practical … Continued

Keri Krieger

Acupuncturist, Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor Bio Keri applies her 20 years of experience to create an embodied pathway for clients to move from breakdown to breakthrough. With her mix of Chinese Medicine and magical thinking she helps women come … Continued

Gavin Aquilina

Sports Scientist, Associate Nutritionist, International Trainer and Presenter Bio Gavin is a global health and fitness expert who has been inspiring clients and trainers alike for 28 years across 43 countries. Working across the industry as a health club owner, … Continued

Dr Kate Owen

Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Family Therapist, Co-director of the Queensland Institute of Family Therapy Bio Dr Kate Owen is a Clinical Psychological and Family Therapist with a specialist in working with adolescents and families. Her passion for the counselling and … Continued